15-Day South Pacific Sailing
Onboard The Royal Princess

Discover the enchanting allure of the South Pacific with this amazing 15-day sailing in April 2025. Starting from the breathtaking city of Auckland, New Zealand, your journey will sail through the South Pacific and bring you to Pago Pago, American Samoa where you can discover it's primitive charm. Then it's off to Tahiti to be hypnotized by it's beauty. At Moorea you can explore the alluring landscapes, before sailing off into the sunset. You end your South Pacific journey in the paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii. From mystical Maori culture to serene Samoan beaches, from Tahiti's dramatic peaks to Moorea's tropical jungle, each port of your voyage will whisper its own tale of magic and wonder that you aren't soon to forget.

As a guest in Outta Here Travels reserved space, Princess Plus is included in your package. This means you will get the Premium Drink Package, WiFi, and Crew Appreciation already paid*, plus additional onboard credit as a thank you from me. 

South Pacific Your Way

If you'd like to extend your stay at either New Zealand or Hawaii, I'd be happy to help you plan the best itinerary so you can experience everything that's on your travel wish list.